Kayak fishing like Shallow Hal
Kayak fishing like Shallow Hal

I have a friend Carl who lives with his wife and daughter in the Bay of Island; specifically they live in Russell. Carl is one of those really good guys, he has a great all round ability to fix and build anything. Anyway the reason I write this post is; I had the chance to go out with Carl fishing, he runs 4 Reel Bay of Islands Fishing Charters! Carl has a lot of history when it comes to fishing – firstly he is without a doubt the uncredited Kayak or Canoe fishing inventor! Well before kayaks came out with rod holders and the sport was even thought of; Carl was going out off the shores of Waiake on the North Shore in Auckland in his canvas covered kayak and bringing back his quota of large snapper. I can remember going down to meet him coming back from his 200 metres off shore jaunt – only to see the kayak looking like a scene from Shallow Hal with the front of the canoe buried in the water and carl almost floating above the water with every stroke. So back to the fishing trip out from Russell; Carl had said the night before – “Here is the challenge, we have to catch our own bait and have a legal Kingfish on board before 8am!” We headed out at 7:15am so that put us 15 minutes late. By 7:25 we were lowering the bait rod and pulling up 6 livies at a time (You need live bait for Kingfish). So after another 10 minutes motoring to one of Carl’s number 2 spots (Carl like to keep his number 1 spots as a back up haha) we baited up and lowered our kingfish rigs into the water. I have to be honest here; I thought there was no way we were going to have a Kingy on board to meet Carl’s challenge. Then the reel screamed into action and I started winding up the fighting fish, it was a nice size snapper. I thought well at least we caught a fish before 8am. It was now 7:50 and the minute hand on my watch seemed to have speed up! Then wham, the rod bent at least twice what it did for the snapper and it was all on. Carl yelled instructions as I slowly played the fish to the boat. Well this is Gods honest truth we had a legal Kingfish on the boat at 7:58am. The funny thing as Carl barely managed a smile, nor did he look smug. It was just another NORMAL day for him. Carl is one of only a few people I know that is living the dream; he really does do for a living what he would be doing anyway in his spare time after a normal days work.

I will leave the comments on for this post and would love to hear your fishing stories, especially if you have been out with 4 Reel or have had a similar challenge set before you departed. Happy fishing!!! I WILL delete spam.

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  1. Ha ha; I remember Carl would start fishing in one bay in his kayak, and end up in another after being towed by a big fish, lol. When he bought his first fishing charter boat in Russell I knew a perfect match had been made. Good to see him doing so well. 🙂

  2. Yeah Lance, you are right – moving from fisherman to charter fisherman was a natural progression! Cheers Rick

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